Soluna Australia represents a collaboration between parent companies, Lithium Australia and DLG Energy, and we’re part of a wider family including VSPC and Envirostream.

We provide safe premium quality solar battery energy storage systems (BESS) and rack mount battery modules covering residential homes, commercial, industrial and mining solutions, with sustainable practices utilizing nanotechnology in Australia and end of life battery recycling. Putting Soluna Australia in the heart of the battery sustainability cycle.

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VSPC, a subsidiary of Lithium Australia, is a nanotechnology company with facility in Brisbane that produces high quality cathode powders for lithium-ion (LFP) batteries.

VSPC’s powder is provided to DLG Energy’s R&D facility to use in their individual cell manufacturing and undergo strict long-term cycle testing under distinct electrochemical and temperature conditions.

DLG Energy package battery cells with full integrated solar BESS including inverter, switching, cables or alternatively as complete stand alone rack mount battery packs. Ensuring full compliance and certification across each product range.

Soluna Australia provides the fully integrated battery storage system and battery packs to solar and renewable energy sector in Australia.

Lithium Australia now major share holder in Envirostream, the only full lithium-ion battery recycling facility in Australia. This partnership enables end of life recycling for the Soluna range.

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Soluna Power Bank - S4, S8, S12