Soluna Australia’s company vision is truly unique, they offer premium quality solar batteries but keep a focus on battery sustainability with R&D product developments plus end of life battery recycling partnership. Derek McKercher
The Soluna team have been an absolute pleasure to work with. They’re extremely knowledgeable on the products and friendly. Looking forward to continuing to work together in the future! Thanks, team Soluna Australia! Casey

I can honestly say that Soluna have been amazing to deal with, I recommend anyone thinking about battery storage to call these guys first, I promise you wont be dissapointed! Rob Wiles


I had my Batterybank installed about a month ago; I was the fourth person on my street. I highly recommend that if you are interested in reducing your electric bill as well as your carbon footprint, you contact them. I’m looking forward to my extremely reduced electric bills.
Joe Quick State Judge


George and the Soluna team have been great to work with. We have been developing a few solutions together of the past few years and we have loved every minute of it. They have been terrific and their products are top notch. I have been extremely happy with the battery unit I received and its performance. From what I understand they produce batteries with top grade raw materials, and it shows.
Nate Finlay CEO, Proshare


I haven’t done too many good things in my life, but the best thing I’ve done is work with Soluna installing a solar battery inside my home. I’ve had the air conditioning running through this heat and may last electric bill considerably lower.  Knowing that Me and my family will be safe during a power outage definitely gives me peace of mind.
Carol Zambrana Real Estate

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