Financial strategy planning focused on flipping the switch on electricity costs by adding a solar + battery system to your home and minimizing your home loan interest.

Our partnered fiance team provide knowledge and planning before purchase allowing a full analysis of where savings can be made, and plan how best to use these saving.


Switch your electricity costs to reinvest as savings that work for you.

SolBank couples our premium quality lithium-ion battery systems for daily use with blackout protection plus a live wealth tracker and a personal finance planner, guiding you through your tailored wealth strategy.

The finance experts can also assist further to ensure you have the right home loan and can also advise on additional offerings such as personal loans and insurances.

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Step 1

Your local Soluna dealer will work out the best solar + battery system size for you based on your individual homes needs and provide an electricity bill saving estimation.




Step 2

Trial the Wealth Desk online budgeting and goal tracking portal plus received a FREE illustrative report from our finance planner, showing total interest savings and years reduced from your mortgage by utilising the savings to work best for you.


Step 3

If you like what you see, turn the report into a real strategic plan.

Go through the strategy in detail and add your own wealth goals with our financial planner. 




Step 4

We will organize the solar + battery installation so you can enjoy lower energy bills, have energy security and independence whilst saving thousands off your home loan.




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